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nowhere special, i always wanted to go there
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Some free advice for Mr Wolber from the cruise fucking critic Community

Post by iamheisenberg » Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:26 am

Will this be removed for being off-topic?
Just Plain Jazz;54142543 wrote:I thought the joke was based on your 'uncertainty principle'. We can either know the question or the answer, but not both
Knockers are jokes that require precision and certainty. Please do not draw any conclusions about my current Knocker until you have read it in its entirety.

Both the Uncertainly Principle and the first Knocker originate from the late 1920s. (Look it up!) This is not a coincidence. We all know that the Germanic peoples, generally, and Germans, specifically, appreciate good Knockers. Perhaps it was Heisenberg, himself, who first told this:

Knock, Knock.
Who is there?
Werner who?.
Werner fashion sits. Puttin' on the Ritz.

Or, perhaps that was Irving Berlin.

In the 1930s, an Austrian physicist (which is not surprising because Wieners and Knockers often go hand in hand) wrote:

Knock, Knock.
Who is there?
Mycat who?
Mycat is dead. (To be followed immediately with a second Knocker ending Mycat is not dead.)

But it was an American whom we must be credit with this:

Knock, Knock.
Who is there?
Deutschland who?
Deutschland is your land. Deutschland is my land.

Mrs Heisenberg (my wife) never tired of the Knocker that ends with "Sam and Janet Evening (you will find a stranger)." Sadly, I did not pay enough attention to her Knockers, and ironically she left me for another couple, Sam and Janet. It was in her memory, prompted by Observer's rare use of the singular "Desideratum," that I wrote the following:

Knock knock.
Who is there?
Desideratum who?
Desideratum leaves drift by my window ...

Which is funny because it's seasonal. Unfortunately, Bodog's negative vibes screwed up my timing and I was unable to complete the Knocker with the precision and certainty it required.

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Another Change/ Last Straw

Post by iamheisenberg » Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:59 pm

iamheisenberg wrote:"There ain't nothin' more powerful than the odor of mendacity*... You can smell it. It smells like death."

* Replace "mendacity" with "impertinence."
I didn't post the above because, as low as my standards are, I would be embarrassed to be associated with that thread on cruise fucking critic.

Could it be that there is a correlation with the deterioration of the cruise line and the civility of those who sail it?

ellbon;54210162 wrote:This world is to funny.. i grew up in Newton Centre but went to private school in Newport RI. Moved to FL at 21 to finish college and moved to AVL 10 years ago. No wonder we are talking.

I have been to the roof top twice for lunch and once or twice for Sunset. stood drinking to watch it set over the market. I have eaten in their POSH dining room twice.

Unless the place open in the last 5 year a good chance i have been there. have you been to Cica 1886? been twice. also Rue du John and others.

I will put my email on the roll call. we so have to meet for a drink. are you on the full two weeks or just the short trip? i am single and at one time thought about living in Charleston. favorite city outside of Boston on East coast.
Travelingnonni99;54254722 wrote:Hi Robin, your red lettering is very hard on my eyes. A minor thing I know, but could you change your color? I can not read your post because of the color.
Travelingnonni99;54254833 wrote:Just reading all of this I wanted to comment, her post are always in neon red and it hurts my eyes so I simply do not read the post. I do not not have a dog in this fight so I have no opinion, but I must say that Viking has been just as bad or worse concerning our Cuba cruise next month. Still have not let us know about tours to Havana, we are waiting and considering canceling but, we want to make an informed decision. They are taking their sweet time and yes, we have flights to change as well.
ellbon;54255127 wrote:then you are missing out on good info on several boards for many years. you are the first one to eve complain about the color. nor neon red but fire engine red.

Cuba as far as I know all ships are going.
cruisr;54255345 wrote:The red bothers my eyes also. Afraid to mention it as I was afraid of getting flamed for making a comment.
calliopecruiser;54255459 wrote:Me too. Frankly, it even bothers me a little zooming past. I never mentioned it because these posts are mostly opinion and not important information (so I don't care if I don't read them).
Acker;54255517 wrote:It's not something I've ever mentioned but I skip all posts written in red too. I find it jarring, similar to posts written in all upper case.
ChansonDeLaMer;54255593 wrote:I too find them jarring. You make good contributions to this forum, but a black font would be helpful
nancygp;54255702 wrote:+1!!!

cruisr;54255735 wrote:Interesting how everyone was afraid to say something until someone was brave enough to comment on it.
Bodogbodog;54255984 wrote:I find the red annoying and hard to read - the cryptic English used also adds to making the post difficult to read
Why not just stick with the default colour and text?
Shorex;54256394 wrote:Sorry if this seems like piling on - but the red does distract from the content. Which is more important to you, the medium or the message?
FlyerTalker;54256442 wrote:How else can they make their personality stand out?

I will confess...I have been known to bold and size a bit when quoting. But then, we could color code our posts to get across our mood.

We could have Purple Prose
We could have Sunny Cheery News
We could have Mad at Headquarters
We could have Green as our Final Payments
We could have Blue as the Seas We Sail

Me, I'll stick with Black and White Reality.
ellbon;54257157 wrote:then you do not have to read my posts or emails. hopefully i will never meet any of you in person. i used red for years here and on all my emails.

you all are RUDE!!!
TAMPACRUZER;54257269 wrote:The red also bothers me. I'm curious. I have been reading cruise fucking critic for quite a few years and don't remember seeing the red. Maybe you posted on other boards than Crystal?
cruisr;54257611 wrote:I guess it's just me but if I read that many participants on a message board did not think posts in red, or any other color, or form, were difficult to read, I would stop doing that. I guess I'm considerate of others and take other opinions into account instead of being contrary.
JohnKen3;54257871 wrote:If you use the cruise fucking critic app on your phone or iPad, all the offending colours are transformed into black. I was confused about the comments posted above until I got onto the laptop.
orchestrapal;54258102 wrote:Agree...personally I skip all these posts since I actually cannot read the red type.
opso;54258343 wrote:Me too.
NJBelle;54258519 wrote:Add me to the readers who do not read the posts written in red. Maybe I will miss something great, but that is a chance I will have to take. Very hard to read and frankly annoying. Just so this is not taken to be a hit on the "lady in red", I will also say that there is a poster on this board who seems to have not learned to use capitalization or correct punctuation. She uses a lot of ",,,,,,," in her posts and it makes it hard to read. So, I just don't. So, maybe I miss out. But just thought I would say it is also annoying.

Signed, Frustrated Schoolmarm
Travelingnonni99;54258583 wrote:"Hi Robin, your red lettering is very hard on my eyes. A minor thing I know, but could you change your color? I can not read your post because of the color." This was my original note about the color on Ellbon's post. Seems I really made her angry , I am sorry she was offended but, it seems I was not the only person on the board that may have trouble with the red. I do not think anyone was rude.

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